Our Washers

We have 27 washing machines for you. With different capacities there is definitely one just right for your load. Each of our front loaders is a high efficiency machine that leaves your load more dry at the end of its spin which greatly decreases your dry time!

60 lb. Front Loader

For your family size load or king size quilt our 60 pound front load washer will easily do the trick. This is one of our many high efficiency washing machines that will all but dry your clothes with its super high spin speed keeping some extra quarters in your pocket for the dryer.

45 lb. Front Loaders

We have two 45 pound front loaders. Built just like our king size washer and just as efficient, these are the perfect size for loads just a bit smaller.

20 lb. Front Loaders

Our six 20 pound front loaders are perfect for your traditional size load of laundry. Again, these front loaders are highly efficient!

18 lb. Top Loaders

Our array of eighteen 18 pound top loaders are your traditional washing machines. They cost less than the front loaders but are significantly smaller and do not spin at as great of a rate as the front loaders.